Pray without ceasing   

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

A house of prayer for all nations
As a house of prayer for all nations, Tabernacle of Glory Boston Campus and Intercessory ministry envisions to equip new believers to develop a life of prayer and fasting, to help strengthen the prayer lives of seasoned believers, and to serve as watchmen over the kingdom of God. We believe that prayer and fasting are two important tools in the life of believers and in the body of Christ through which God will unleash power for revival and the task of evangelism/discipleship as we pray and fast for the lost, the sick, the desperate, the outcast, the reject, and the broken-hearted as well as many others. By teaching that prayer is a life style, believers can begin to have consistency in their prayer lives, and experience the manifested presence of God.
Children's Ministry

Praise & Worship

Glorifying God through passionate worship
The purpose of Tabernacle of Glory Boston Campus’ Praise and Worship Team is to “Glorify God through passionate worship” in TGBC and in the community in which we live and work. We desire to see people saved, healed, set free, discipled, equipped, empowered and serving in ministry, while developing meaningful and lasting relationships and discovering leaders who are influential to others for the Kingdom of God.
Children's Ministry

Usher & Security

Serving with a great welcome in a warm and safe atmosphere
Our goal as Ushers at Tabernacle of Glory Boston Campus is to serve with a great welcome to all who come to TGBC by providing a warm and safe atmosphere to usher in God’s presence. Our purpose is to ensure that visitors and members alike have an opportunity to give God their best. We are the help for every ministry and minister, making sure that everything is run smoothly and are in order while demonstrating love from the moment a guest appears on the doorsteps.
Children's Ministry

Social Events Ministry

Planning and coordinating different events & activities
Through planning and coordinating different events/activities that brings the family of God together at Tabernacle of Glory Boston Campus, we as the Social Event ministry aspire to build different relationships as we learn to know one another better. Our goal is to promote participation by the congregation in local and worldwide projects that will not only bring spiritual growth to God’s kingdom but to build up our communities.
Children's Ministry

Media Ministry

Reaching the lost for the Kingdom of God through technology
Our focus as members of the Media ministry at Tabernacle of Glory Boston Campus is on reaching the lost and building the Kingdom of God in our community. Through the use of technology, we intend to carry out the Word of God to those who may not enter a church or have the chance to be exposed to the opportunity of knowing Christ. While working behind the scenes, we make it possible to share the message of TGBC through amplified sound, recordings, visual presentation, Web pages and other forms of communication.