Welcome to Tabernacle of Glory Boston

A House of Prayer for All Nations!

Our Campus Vision

We are a multicultural community that glorifies God through passionate worship, fervent prayer, faithful application of scripture, sincere fellowship, and effective evangelism.

Our Campus Mission

Our goal is to establish a multicultural embassy of kingdom citizens who submit to the King of knowing and living under the Kingdom laws. While keeping in constant communication and intercession to our King, we aspire to build up every citizen,expanding the border of this Kingdom to the ends of the earth.

Young Adult Ministry

Pastor Borneon Accime


Resident Pastor

At the age of 12 he committed his life to Christ

Pastor Borneon Accime is a spiritual son of Pastor Gregory and First Lady Patricia Toussaint of Tabernacle of Glory.

Borneon was born June 20 th , 1979 in a small town named St. Louis du Nord, Haiti. He is the son of evangelist Boniface and Clermelie Accime. Borneon grew up in a Christian household with ten brothers and sisters. Although he grew up in a rather large family, Borneon always stood out among his siblings, he was always very interested in reading the Bible and attending church activities.

At a very young age of 12, he committed his life to Christ at a church service in Saint Louis du Nord, Haiti. As a young boy, his mother used to take him to numerous church revivals and it is in that setting that he became familiar with the work of ministry.

He migrated to America when he was just 16 years old. Soon after arriving in America, he began to serve God at the First Haitian Baptist Church, a local church led by Reverend Verdieu Laroche. It was there that he got baptized and began to serve God on a whole new level.

That summer at the age of 18 he preached his first sermon at FHBC, under the tutelage of one of his Sunday School teachers, Shortly thereafter, he received calling to start practicing his multiple God given gifts at Philadelphia Haitian Baptist Church, another local church founded by his uncle Reverend Frank Accime. It was there that he grew his talents as a youth leader, musician, counselor but most of all servant.

In 2007, Borneon Accime was ordained into the pastorate as the assistant to Reverend Frank Accime.

Borneon is happily married to Marjorie Accime, and he is the proud father of six children Samantha, Darren, Keinstiana, Ketsia, Jeremiah and Isaiah.

Tabernacle of Glory was founded in 2004 by Pastor Gregory Toussaint and Patricia Toussaint, Now with multiple campuses around the world, Pastor Borneon Accime is honored to be the Campus Pastor of Tabernacle of Glory Boston Campus.